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How to check my email on webmail anywhere around the world at any internet shop or your laptop:

If you have a gmail address:
Click here:
Put in your email address and password.
Click Sign In
Click All Mail

If you have a different email address:
Click here:

How to recover Spam mail from my gmail email account:

Have you checked your Spam folder inside lately?

Due to a huge amount of Spam Emails moving around in the world, your Gmail Email Account has an automatic Anti-Spam feature.

Please note that some of your friends' or collegues' emails might be accidentally blocked by the Gmail AntiSpam feature.

The emails are still kept inside your Gmail online webmail spam-box for 30 days.

To view or retrieve these emails you need to syphon them out.

i.e. You need to check your Gmail webmail account every 7 days.

Open this website:
Insert your email address and its password:
Click "Sign In"
(Click on "HTML view" if it asks)
Click on Spam (on the left side)
Tick the emails you want recovered and click on "Not Spam"
Click "Sign out" (top right corner)

Open your Outlook Express and click on "Send/Recv"
You will now receive your recovered emails.


Bitte einmal jede 7 oder 15 Tage nachschauen!
Bitte die emails fuer Spam nachschauen hier:

Click hier:


In username: _____
in Password: _______
"Sign In" clicken.

Falls etwas in Spam automtisch falsch verschoben war, bitte auf "Spam" druecken.

Dann selectieren und "Not Spam" clicken.

Wenn man zuviele Spam emails kriegt, kann man Spam reporten.

Click auf "All Mail"
Dann selectier die unerwuenschten Mails.
Dann click auf "Report Spam".

Bitte einmal jede 7 Tage in nachschauen.


For comments and ideas please contact Karl.

Information on Spam:

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