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Printing troubleshooting.
1. Check if the printer is on.
2. Check the LCD screen of your printer: maybe it says paper jam or no paper.
3. Check all cables are connected.
4. Procedure to clear memory of printer:
Clear printer queue on your PC first: (and all other PCS that are trying to print)
Click Start
On your keyboard type: Devices
What a few seconds
Click on "Devices and Printers"
Right-click your printer
Click "See what's printing"
Click Printer
Click "Cancel all documents"
Shutdown computer. ((and all other PCS that are trying to print)
Switch off printer.
Switch back on printer and PC more or less at the same time

5. Call a technician- have the make and model of your printer ready,

P.S. To save the environment I recommend emailing instead of printing.