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Internet & Emails Self-help Troubleshooting:
(Seeing a black screen or stuck mouse? Please hold down power button for 5 seconds to force-restart.)
If you cannot send or receive emails, please first check if you can browse through this website:
If you can browse through the website please click here for email issues.
If you still get the same issues,
Having internet problems?
1. Check if another device can surf the web (e.g WiFi-cellphone or laptop or PC)
2. Check if you can browse a local website e.g.
3. Check if you can browse an international website (e.g. )
4. Check that you can make outgoing calls on your ADSL line (possibly your landline phone or fax line.)
5. Check that wiring is correct (See Figure1)
6. Unplug the modem for 3 or 30 seconds every 3 minutes. (Unplug power/switch off, then switch on again)
7. Watch the ADSL light (/Knot): it must be solid green (not flashing)
8. Restart your laptop/PC.
9. Please keep the modem out of the sun and keep it standing sideways so it can keep cool.
10. If ADSL light is flashing: It could be that the phone line came loose from the modem. Please push the grey telephone cable back into the router or wiggle on it.
11. The may
not be any ADSL filter between the phone line and the modem.
12. There
must be an ADSL filter on all phones and fax modems.
13. Contact Karl to "top up" if you have run out of Megs/Gigs.
P.S. for new NETGEAR routers: if the i light is red, then there may be a problem in your area.
If Skype does not want to sign in, please quit Skype and restart the Skype program.

How to restart your ADSL-modem-router:

Unplug the power adapter here(red arrow).

On the Billion router both ADSL AND PPP lights must be solid. If not, please push in the phone line.

Internet Cancellation and Suspension Information:

Please give 1 calendarmonth notice when cancelling a service (dialup/ADSL). For example, should you cancel your service on the 1 July or the 15 July or on the 31 July, you will be required to pay for both July and August months. Please confirm whether Karl has received the cancellation order.

For comments and ideas please contact Karl.
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