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Email issues

Email receiving problems?

1. 1. Please switch off the modem for 5 seconds. (Unplug power/switch off/replug/switch on)
And please restart your computer or laptop.
2. Wait 25 seconds until the ADSL light is solid.
3. Check if you can browse a local website: click here: www.karl.co.za
4. Check if you can browse an international website: www.gmail.com
5. Check if another device can surf the web (e.g cellphone or laptop)
6. Note down any email errors.
Do you get the error 550 relay not permitted? Check SMTP settings and contact your email and internet providers.
7. it could be that a spam filter is holding up some emails.
please check www.karl.co.za/gmail for recovering these.

Email sending problems?
10. Complete steps 1. to 5.
11. Please empty your Outbox folder.(move emails to Drafts folder)
12. Please restart your PC.
13. Send a small test email to cyberkarl3@gmx.net
14. Note down any email error messages.
15. Issue with larger emails: timeout. disable scanning of outgoing emails in your antivirus.
15. Emails may not be larger than 19MB (or 19000KB). Careful with sending bitmaps.
16. Mass emailing: Please do not send to more than 15 people at a time.
17. Due to a huge range of limitations on cellphones (eg. email settings),
it is unfortunately an inconvenience sometimes esp. with emails.
To check emails via your cellphone, I recommend checking it using webmail
using the cellphone's internet browser.
18. Did you know that you can block unwanted emails by Blacklisting or Whitelisting emails?
19.Try sending emails from another computer or a cellphone or laptop. if it works copy the settings to your computer.
20. if you have youpr domain (e.g. mydomain.com or karl.co.za) and you are using smtp/mail.mydomain.co.za/.com , make sure "my server requires authentication" is ticked. or "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" inside More Settings is ticked.
21. Contact your email service provider, and not necessarily your internet provider.
21. please launch Teamviwer & Skype so that Karl can log in and check settings.
22. Did you know that you can check your email anywhere in the world?
Here: http://webmail.mydomainname.co.za/com
or www.gmail.com
Username: Your full email address
Password: Your email password

Error: The recipient was rejected by the server.

1. You receive this message when one of the email addresses you sent was invalid.
The server receives this email and sees that the email address does not exist.
The email server then emails you the message "One of the recipients was rejected by the server".
You should then verifty with the recipient the correct email address and resend the email.
If you sent this email to multiple recipients all of the valid email was delivered.
You only need to resend to the rejected one.
Try replying to the person instead of typing out the person's email address.
(For new set ups: make sure the 'My server requires authentication' checkbox is checked. )

Important message to all Outlook Express users:



Please click here for help on GMAIL: http://www.karl.co.za/gmail